I'm Rebecca Gansen, photographer. I'm happiest when I'm wearing flip flops, yet I prefer the cold; I'd rather curl up with a good book than go to the movies; Christmas fever starts in July and doesn't let up until February; at some point in my life I've been an avid scrapbooker, card maker, jewelry maker, cupcake baker, and rock collector; I love my Cyclones, even though I married a Hawkeye; my idea of a perfect date is going to the pumpkin patch or a baseball game. I have the most supportive husband and family in the world and I would never be where I am today without them.

I graduated from Hawkeye Community College in 2008 with a degree in Professional Photography, with an emphasis on photojournalism and wedding photography. In college, I had a top three portfolio and was awarded the Top 5 student award based on my entries in the Heart of America Photography conference. I started Photography By Becca upon graduation in 2008 and opened my first studio in 2010. I chose Jewell, IA because I am a proud South Hamilton graduate and I knew the people would be very welcoming to a new business. I'm also a country girl at heart, so I needed a location that would allow me to create images in wide open spaces. 

Ali and Bryttan
Ali and Bryttan
Ali, Class of 2016
Alison and Nathan
Alissa and Rocky
Alissa and Rocky
Angie, Tim and Megan
Anna, Class of 2016
Anne and Michael
Avery, Class of 2015
Bailey, Class of 2015
Benskin Family
Brock, 2 Years
Bruce, Class of 2015
Bryan, Class of 2015
Caleb, Class of 2015
Casey Family
Cassie and Alex
Cassie and Alex
Chelsea and Tyler
Danielle and Devan
Dayna and Austin
Dayna and Austin
Diana, Class of 2016
Ellie, 1 Year
Emily and Brian
Emily and Jeremy
Emily, Class of 2016
Ervin Family
Gage, 1 year
Heim Kids
Holden, 1 year
Jenisa and Nathan
Jennifer and Rayna
Jeri and Pat
Jessica and Adam
Jessica and Adam Winter
Kayla, Class of 2015
Klemp Family
Kylee and Mason
Kylee and Mason
Laura and Pat
Leah, Class of 2015
Levi and Rebecca
Mandy, Class of 2015
Mary and Anthony
Megan, Class of 2016
Melanie and Ryan
Michaela, Class of 2015
Northrop Family
Olson Family
Parker, 2 Years Old
Preston and Brandon
Rebecca and Levi
Rebecca and Levi-Winter
Sam and Chris
Sam, Class of 2015
Samantha and Christopher
Sara and Brian
The Holtan Family
The Olsen Family