Photography By Becca was officially created in May of 2010 when Rebecca opened the studio in Jewell. Unofficially, it was opened when Rebecca was 6 and first developed an interest in photography. Back then her interests were primarily kittens and flowers. Today, she photographs a wide variety of subjects, including weddings, high school seniors, families, children, pets, and even livestock!
Allyson, Class of 2015
Amber and Jonny
Amy and Shane
Anne and Michael
April and Ethan
Avery, Class of 2015
Becca and Matt
Braelynn, 3 Months
Caeden, 6 Months
Chelsea and Tyler
Cole and Nicole
Connor, 1 Year
Easton, 18 Months
Ellie, 6 Months
Emily, Class of 2015
Gage, Newborn
Gavin, 3 Months
Heidi and Brodie
Heim Kiddos
Holden, 3 Months
Jessica and Adam
Julie McGuire
Kate, Class of 2015
Kendra and Mark
Koen, Newborn
Lynsey and Kyle
Mechaelsen Family
Melynda and Aaron
Michaela, Class of 2015
Nolan, 1 Year
Parker, 1 Year
Rachel and Spenser
Sam, Class of 2015
Stupp Family
Vrba Family
Watkins Family