Photography By Becca was officially created in May of 2010 when Rebecca opened the studio in Jewell. Unofficially, it was opened when Rebecca was 6 and first developed an interest in photography. Back then her interests were primarily kittens and flowers. Today, she photographs a wide variety of subjects, including weddings, high school seniors, families, children, pets, and even livestock!
Alison and Nathan
Amy and Shane
Austin, Newborn
Becca and Matt
Braelynn, 3 Months
Cassie and Alex
Chelsea and Tyler
Cole and Nicole
Connor, 1 Year
Ellie, 3 Months
Emily, Class of 2015
Gage, Newborn
Gavin, 3 Months
Heim Kiddos
Holden, Newborn
Kendra and Mark
Koen, Newborn
Krystal and Michael
Lynsey and Kyle
Melynda and Aaron
Nolan, 1 Year
Parker, 1 Year
Rachel and Luke
Sobotka Family
The Anderson Boys
The Hill Kids
The Koop Family
Vrba Family
Watkins Family